Man’s Ex-Best Friend?

Today was an exhausting day! I spent most of my time running around trying to sell houses (the usual), but I also have one apartment unit that I’m trying to sell and I’m having a really hard time with it. For some reason, this apartment has pretty strict regulations on what types of dogs are allowed in the complex and none of my potential buyers are happy with this policy. We live in a very dog-friendly area, so I’m not sure why this policy is in place, but it’s making my job pretty stressful.

Naturally, when I got home from work and began researching for my daily blog post, I had this dog policy on my mind. I wanted to understand why apartments have started putting these policies in place. I began looking up dogs and the law, and I found numerous articles on dog bite injuries—yikes! So much for man’s best friend. 

Bites in Boise

One story, in particular, caught my eye about a girl in Idaho who was attacked by a German Shepard. She was bitten in the face and the attack left her seriously disfigured. Her attorney in Boise helped her file a lawsuit against the dog owner, because if the dog wasn’t off leash in an area where leashes were required, the dog never would’ve been able to cause such significant damage.

I began looking up the laws in Idaho regarding dog bites; it seems that Idaho is a one-bite state, which means most owners are waived from liability if their dog bites someone for the first time and they weren’t aware that their dog was potentially violent. However, dog owner liability can still be based on common negligence. In this case, because the owner wasn’t following the leash law, they were still considered negligent and thus liable for all injuries. 

Apartment Laws Being Affected by Dog Attacks

I suppose apartments are beginning to take notice of dog attacks throughout the nation. Specific breeds have a tendency to be more aggressive than others, which makes it a liability for the apartment to allow those breeds in their buildings. While I see where the apartment is coming from, it’s also disappointing to judge all dogs based on the actions of another.

Hopefully, in the future, these policies will change or there will be a better solution to determine whether each specific dog is dangerous before allowing them in an apartment complex . . . that way, I can sell more apartments and my potential buyers with pets won’t have such a hard time finding places to live! 

I’d like to think that most dogs are friendly, which is why we call them man’s best friend, and some are just an unfortunate exception to the rule.