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Most people would tell you that real estate isn’t that bad. You can make a lot of money selling houses if you know how to network, be sales-driven, manage your own hours, and work as an independent contractor. I’ve made a decent living as a realtor for over ten years now, but it’s not my true passion.

I made this blog so I could finally be honest with myself about what I’m truly interested in. I knew all throughout college that I wanted to be a lawyer. I was pre-law, took all of the right classes, and I was on a path to success. Unfortunately, my life didn’t go as planned. I got my wife pregnant in my senior year of college and there was no time or money for law school. I needed a career that was going to provide for my growing family fast and real estate was an excellent option for that.

I don’t regret the family I now have. Two boys, one girl, and a lovely wife—still going strong. I’m grateful that real estate has allowed me to support my family for all of these years, but not a day goes by that I don’t think about law school and the career I wish I would’ve had the opportunity to create. 

What Excites Me About Law

There’s something about the law that has always lit a fire inside me. Not only do I enjoy learning about each state’s specific laws and regulations, but I also love the idea of arguing a case and helping a client get the outcome they desire. 

Whether it’s an injured victim who deserves a settlement for their accident or a charged defendant who needs a second chance, I’ve always wanted to be the one in the courtroom convincing the judge and the jury to side in my client’s favor. I never had the time to think about what type of law I would’ve practiced, but with this blog, I want to learn about everything. If I can’t become a lawyer, I may as well channel my frustration into a hobby. 

I plan to study personal injuries of all sorts including car accidents, medical malpractice, premises liability, and beyond. I also want to dive into criminal defense and learn about drug crimes, DUIs, abuse, and robberies. There’s so much to learn and explore, and I plan to fill my brain with as much as I can.

Learn with Me

This may only be a hobby for me, but the information I provide here could be helpful to you if you’re a pre-law student still on the path to fulfilling your dreams. I’m glad that I’m giving myself this place where I can speak about my passions but my advice to you is to chase those passions for as long as possible. Never stop learning and working towards your goals. If you can live a life without regret, you’ve reached ultimate success.